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There are not other natural materials that would have a higher strength and flexibility in relation to its weight!

We vouch for the quality of our wooden houses and give a guarantee of 30 years on the supporting structure of our buildings.

Eco-friendly houses or eco-houses, built with consideration of protection of the environment. Eco-houses made of eco-friendly materials that provide modern and comfortable accommodation. Eco-homes are becoming more and more popular. This is really good, because a lot of people realize the importance of environmental protection.

You can choose Eco-houses from a catalog. This means that the houses are "turnkey" and You can live in these houses. It also means that You trust our construction company to build a house and get the key from the finished house (your eco-house will be built exactly in accordance with all your requirements).

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Family house - Bungalow 163
  • Number of rooms 4+kk
  • Land surface area, m2 700 m²
  • House area, m2 163 m²
  • Garage No
3800000 3263500 CZK Incl. VAT
Family house - Bungalow 129
  • Number of rooms 4+kk
  • Land surface area, m2 786 m²
  • House area, m2 129 m²
  • Garage No
3000000 2779000 CZK Incl. VAT
Family house - Bungalow 136A
  • Number of rooms 4+kk
  • Land surface area, m2 700 m²
  • House area, m2 136 m²
  • Garage No
3000000 2739500 CZK Incl. VAT
Our advantages
Affordable price

Our goal is to offer quality low-energy housing at an affordable price. We hope that our offer of construction of low-energy houses "turnkey" you are interested.

Low-energy house "turnkey"

Our houses are not only of high quality, cheap and energy efficient, but they are also environmentally friendly. On the one side, the buildings do not affect the nature of its high consumption of fossil fuels, on the other side, these houses are made from recyclable material - wood.


We offer our clients exclusive and the lowest rate on the market! Services of the financial consultant include:

  • free preliminary financial calculation
  • a simple and quick solution to the mortgage in accordance with the agreements of the company
  • rapid data processing in the registration and banking institutions
  • free valuation of property
  • free processing and loan account maintenance