About us

Our company works in the building market for over 10 years. We are a developing real estate company specializing in the construction of low-energy houses, financing, insurance and full legal service.

If You like our tracts of land and You have your own idea about your dream home - we can build you one under the order.

For housing we use only environmentally friendly materials, that meet hygienic standards. The independent instance which have repeatedly provided us quality certificates, constantly monitor the quality of the materials.

We recommend using the modern technology to ensure a constant flow of fresh air. Our goal is the improvement of the living comfort and the achievement of a healthy indoor climate, while minimizing heat loss.

Are You worrying because the tree is too fragile and the wooden house can not stand long? This is not true. When You visit Czech mountains you can admire the preservation of wooden log houses. A lot of them are old and can live for hundreds of years. Venice stands on wooden poles that keep the city afloat for 800 years.

There are not other natural materials that would have a higher strength and flexibility in relation to its weight!

We vouch for the quality of our wooden houses and give a guarantee of 30 years on the supporting structure of our buildings.

Eco-friendly houses or eco-houses, built with consideration of protection of the environment. Eco-houses made of eco-friendly materials that provide modern and comfortable accommodation. Eco-homes are becoming more and more popular. This is really good, because more and more people realize the importance of environmental protection.

You can choose Eco-houses from a catalog. This means that the houses are "turnkey" and You can live in these houses. It also means that You trust our construction company to build a house and get the key from the finished house (your eco-house will be built exactly in accordance with all your requirements).